Thursday, 24 October 2013

Feels weird doing a new blog post as I have left it for so long due to no inspiration or motivation to writing one...

I'm so very happy that it's finally Autumn, my favourite time of the year! 
So with this in mind, I'm going to try and blog a lot more...

I didn't really know what to blog as I still need to remember to take pictures of my outfits... oops!
So while I'm sat here in my new onesie, Halloween candle and new cosy slippers I decided to look back at my pictures of the festive season from last year and there I managed to find pictures of my 18th birthday! (the 31st of December... yes new years eve)

This year hasn't been the best year for me, but when I look back to my birthday and my trip to Paris in January to celebrate the big 18, I realised that it was probably the happiest time for me in the whole of 2013.

My parents took me and my two brothers to Paris as it's somewhere I have always wanted to go, it was an amazing holiday filled with site seeing, a lot of eating and of course disneyland! 

I thought these pictures would be a great start to Autumn as they really get me excited for the festive seasons and bring back some good memories! 

Also my 18th birthday was just an amazing time for me, thanks to my mum, family and friends. For that reason I have added a couple of birthday pictures just because they make me happy!

Hope you all enjoy..

Verity X

P.S - Sorry how there is no order to them! All the pictures were found from different places so it was getting confusing!

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